Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Winter List

- Eat pie for breakfast for four days after Thanksgiving
- Turn up the heat in the apartment to eighty degrees and keep 'er there
- When in doubt for writing, do structure work, because writing seems easy by comparison
- Borrow someone else's dog for a walk
- Blast a lot of dutty rap to turn dusting into dancing
- Buy a new coat instead of fixing the tear and lost buttons on the old one
- Arrange every date/meeting/edit catch-up so hot chocolate is involved
- Spend Saturdays in bed with flannel sheets
- Go out to synthpop concerts on Mondays and drink red wine on Sundays
- Overbook, constantly and apologize immensely
- Wear many, many pairs of tights, scarves, and sweaters without sleeves
- Mass text for plans/saying hello/and telling everyone you just painted a mantle all by yourself
- Try to use the following words every day: electric, blango, blast, soar, cheers, and most of all, yes
- Budget, make lists, and book a trip to Jamaica anyway
- Pick up the phone every time someone calls, but call no one
- Have good lighting that you never use
- Smile at everyone who walks by, even if they don't deserve it
- Get all your exercise by jumping
- Wear snowboots when there is no chance of snow, because you're an optimist

If that's the checklist, I'm doing pretty good so far...

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