Friday, February 18, 2011

What The Psychic Said...

Today we had a half day at work, and instead of catching up on my homework, I went to a psychic. Here's what she said:

I will live a long and healthy life.

The last two years have been difficult and I am entering a pattern of change. (Indeed, the breakup.)

I am very creative, and I work in music. (WHAT! How'd she know this?)

Many men love me but I don't love any of them as I am unsettled. (Tee hee. Really?)

My friends are talking about me behind my back. (Yikes.)

I will be married once. I will have to decide between two new men soon. (What? New ones?)

I will do a lot of traveling soon. (Hooray!)

I will always have success in work, but I need to zero in on what I need and just do it when it comes to work. (The book?)

Though money will come, and money will go, I will always be financially sound. (Stealing?)

I need to focus on work and success to get it, and then I will, I need to do nothing about my love life or work at that, it's in the bag. (Wish this were the opposite way.)

I should definitely not move to California, there are too many opportunities here. (Say what?)

There you have it. Kind of interesting. How did she know this stuff!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Recovery Sunday

Here's the recipe to recover from a very tough week:

1. Sleep until noon. If you wake up earlier, pad into the kitchen to get ice water, and then go back to sleep. Make sure the velvet curtains are closed but the bedroom door is open so sunlight comes in but never touches the pillow. Feel free to drool and to sleep, smack-middle in the bed and kick the covers to and fro.

2. After waking properly, open the windows to let in the chilly pre-Superbowl air, and turn up the heat so it all co-mingles while you...

3. Scrub the bathroom and then take a long, hot shower. Slather on three different lotions and put on a soft new nightshirt and slippers. Dance around a little and then turn off the heat and close the windows. Consider donning a robe.

4. Put on trashy television on low (thank the God of small things for Law & Order SVU marathons and Bravo) and stack up earmarked magazines and local papers with shops, restaurants, films, dance performances and concerts for the week you'd like to pounce upon. Put the writing theory books within sight so that technically, you aren't ignoring them. Position a fleecy blanket close.

5. Re-water the wildflower arrangement that holds fragrant sweet pea, royal purple poppies, egg-yolk orange and white daffodils, strange antique rust roses, and bursts of hardened small berries, stalks tied together and thrust into a mason jar. Call the senders to say thank you for being great friends. Position them on the crystal stands on top of the coffee table that doubles as a fountain because your parents are just as crazy and full of too many ideas as you are.

6. Light four different fat candles and put those on the stands, too. Even better if they are Jo Malone and Archipelago, white and cream colored, smelling of linen and lemon and deep spice.

7. Microwave three mini-cinnamon rolls until they're gooey and have to be eaten with a spoon. Smash together with said spoon until the texture resembles mashed potatoes. Amazing, sweet, sticky, dessert mashed potatoes. Serve with a glass of red wine and more ice water.

8. Brush hair for a half-minute before deciding it can't be tamed today. Make lists of to-do for the week, allocate time to writing, sleeping, talking, walking, texting, cooking. Clean up kitchen. Put wine back in the fridge because the TV doesn't count as another person to socially drink with. Not yet, anyhow.

9. Blog. Take vitamins. Finish that wine anyhow (it was only a third of a bottle and someone is coming over soon anyway, say this aloud to make yourself feel better). Make the bed. Decide to buy more candles.

10. Answer the door when Annabella arrives, bearing gifts. Consider Superbowl picks and two different pools in the office and then realize you haven't even planned to watch the bowl at all. If Annabella doesn't say anything about changing Law & Order, then blame it on her when you both miss it because you're too busy gossiping.

Sundays are for rest, aren't they? No one can ever accuse me of not knowing how to rest...that's for sure.

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday too.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

You're The One That I Want

Pizza for lunch instead of coffee

A shoulder-rub after dance class

Structure work for both novels to be done

A movie marathon this Saturday in an apartment lit by Restoration Hardware fake candles

The heat to equalize

A clean desk, or just a desk with a working lamp

An extra thousand bucks a month without having to write for it

New books, new pens, new journals, five new playlists for the iPod that someone else curates

Another website to frequent during breaks that isn't gossip, news or music

A day without ice and wind

The guy with the neck tattoos at the coffeeshop who held both my hands as he gave me change and winked to be there every time I buy tea

A ride to Connecticut that isn't MTA Metro North

Pajamas, proper pajamas

The MFA program in San Francisco to give me more time to decide if I want to move there than March 4

A cheap plane ticket to LA, Barcelona, and France

More vegetables, and more Gatorade

To win my Superbowl pools, and to finally get around to making Superbowl plans

A fast and speedy recovery for anything

To keep dreaming, I like where this is going...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011