Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 Months Late And What Do You Get?

Now that I've been gone for months and months, and have likely lost all readership, this is going back to my grassroots little musings. So here's what I've been doing.

-Joined a kickball league full of nice people and even nice hipsters. Drank beer. Slid into base. Got a lot of bruises.

-Went to London to see my old friend and ended up spending time with an old flame whom I love.

-Went to Mexico with my new best friend and was asked to be her maid of honor.

-Was dropped by my old best friend with no explanation after being her maid of honor (was it my speech?). No idea what happened but I miss her.

- Got back together with my ex boyfriend as horrible friends with benefits and cried my eyes out. Shut. The. Door. On. That. Detox talking to him for 60 days at the very least.

- Am weeks away from finally finishing the first book. Only took me five years but here we are.

- Went to a crazy, crazy Montreal woods festival and caused a national scandal when a singer and I decided we wanted to hang out...a lot. There was also a haunted summer camp.

- Am still working my butt off as a journalist even though I am only a fiction writer, learned how to modern dance, made some amazing new girlfriends.

- Working on a crazy magazine event that has ruined my life for the past three months. Will be over by Monday. Send massages, flowers and klonapin my way.

- Went to the beach. Danced on the boardwalk a lot. There were tacos. Went to some dance block parties. Went to some dance backyard parties. Am a little tired of dancing but I can't stop doing it.

- Got tan.

- Lost tan

- Shaved #swag and then BLING into the side of my head. It looked cool but not pretty. Will try to be pretty from now on.

- Started to plan my annual cupcake and champagne all-girls birthday party.

- Got nominated for a writing award but won't know until December.

- Submitted the novel to a new agent. Won't know for 6 weeks.

- Got some new eyeliner.

- Debated moving to San Francisco, again. Would like a new start even though I have nothing to run from.

- Mourned the loss of my dog.

- Did a lot of yoga.

- Slept in my bed and on my couch.

- Never stopped dreaming.