Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So, the reason I've been gone is....

The day after I got me some downsized hours (along with the rest of the permalancers in the building--please revise my earlier statement--PRINT IS DEAD! For a month or so...damn you economy), my laptop fell off my lap (no joke, because someone knocked on the door and I was startled, like some old lady who doesn't understand the cell phone ringing in the movie she is watching is not actually her own phone which never rings) and the LCD screen exploded into a beautiful kaleidoscope of white and green.

Which was pretty. For a minute. But I found quickly that it's not an Etch-a-Sketch. You can't just shake it to fix it.

Now no office computer (not really) and no home computer (not at all until it comes back from the Apple "Genius")! And I've never felt like blogging and writing more. Oh for crying out loud...

So yeah, sorry about that. I will try to post more often than once a week...in the meantime, how's your job(s) going?

Sweet. So, you hiring?


D.T. said...

That part about the old lady and the cell phone made me crack up for a full minute! Too funny!

And I guess, K, the thing to be thankful for is to at least have some hours. I'm still waiting for my boss to pull herself out of the financial hole she got herself into so I can get paid and go back to work.

Hopefully...it's just temporary.

Joseph said...

Aw, man, that sucks. I've yet to hear of how the recession is affecting publishing but I guess it's inevitable.

The thing with the laptop happened to a friend of mine (another female journo). She dropped hers running through an airport with her mother and three year-old in tow. Anyway I lent her mine whilst hers was being fixed and then arranged to meet up with her at the Apple store when she was due to collect it from being repaired.

So I got to the shop and got a phone call saying that the battery was flat in her car and would I mind awfully picking it up for her (She didn't really say it like that but I like to keep up the myth of polite English manner for you. )
So anyway I went into the gleaming Mecca of designer geekiness that is the Apple Store in Bath to pick up the newly fixed machine.

I hate those places, they're like a cross between one of those really expensive hi-fi shops and a Scientology centre and they make me feel quite uncomfortable. Anyway I found myself queuing behind a 'musician' who was talking at length with the 'Genius helper' about hard drive speeds and how he needed something fast for creating dubstep and grime.

This guy is so close to the Apple user stereotype I think if I was to talk to him he might actually introduce himself saying 'I'm a Mac', to which I would say 'No, you're an idiot, a victim of advertising and a greedy consumerist zombie like the rest of us'...

'And your music sounds sh*t anyway'

So when I get my turn. I say I'm there to pick up a Macbook with broken screen. I brought it in last week, it's under the name 'Mendoza'. The guy goes off and digs out a bubble-wrapped parcel and says 'here you go, that'll be £400'

Not wanting to be intimidated and in my maleness wanting to show that I was his equal, I ask him to unwrap it so I can inspect it closely. Then, feigning some kind of advanced hardware knowledge, I go through a bizarre routine of changing the desktop to different colours, changing the brightness from dim to eyeball meltingly bright ('looking for stuck pixels') and looking along the edges of the screen to 'see that it's properly seated.'

Finally, satisfied with the workmanship, I engage with the 'Genius'

"Is that ok sir?" the man asked "Yeah' I give the man a slight nod and hand over my credit card.
'That will be £400' he says and in that awkward moment whilst my card is validated before the relaxing sound of the receipt being printed he adds
'I hope you noticed we managed to keep your stickers by the way'

I look back and to my horror notice there are half a dozen gold and silver glittered stickers of fairies, rainbows and little unicorns surrounding the keyboard.

The kind of thing a three year-old girl annoyingly puts over everything. The kind of thing that gives a 30 year-old man odd looks.

Embarassed I close the lid of the computer and hurriedly stuff it into my bag. As I'm walking out I wonder to myself if the musician who was in the queue in front of me has fairy stickers on his laptop...