Friday, October 10, 2008


The weekend is shaping up to be one of those transitory sun-drenched squares. As the rays stream in, I'm struck lucky.

Just to be able to see it, be warmed by it and touched by a sliver of blue and white and yellow, even if it's through a smeary glass window on the 15th floor of a midtown office building.

It's Friday, and we get the best chances today, right before we're free. To take back the time that we gave away all week, and dream about all the possibilities that await.

I celebrate my own freedom by tying myself down with plans upon plans under the guise of relaxation, but who needs to relax when you get to live in Manhattan, you don't have a mortgage and your bank account is empty but there's so much more living to do?

Tonight I'm going to the Beck and MGMT show way uptown in that gold encrusted mosque they call the United Palace Theater, and then maybe to Brooklyn, tomorrow we're driving through the Berkshires for the colors of the leaves, and to see what's changed: to my prep school and the perspectives I had when it was all I could do to sneak out of my dorm and run across a green carpet lawn to an awaiting car in the dead of night to go to a party.

Then it's off to a upcountry greenmarket dinner that deserves dressing up and my best behavior back in the city, and then that sparkling dress traded in for Converse and stovepipes to meet up with the old friends at the old dive bar for a stomach-turning tournament of flip cup.

Sunday, it's brunch with my best friend, renting bikes to ride along the Hudson and getting back in time for sushi with someone else.

This is my birthday weekend, and I will spend it planning on how by my next birthday, I will have managed to move to know me and my crazy thoughts...more on that later...and wishing that you have a great weekend too, because it's beautiful outside and we deserve it to be, because winter is coming but it's all we can do to forget when the sky is clear and so are our minds.


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