Monday, October 13, 2008

File this under WTF

As reported from the field from a friend who is walking uptown.

I got a call about three minutes ago from him, who, on the way to the subway found perhaps the craziest tattoo in the world.

It was on a bald guy, who had a tattoo on his head. Of a helmet.

To repeat, bald guy gets helmet tattooed on his head.

Of course I shouted, what the hell are you calling me for! Get off the phone and take a picture!

But the helmeted man had disappeared into a bank. Ostensibly to rob it.

Oh boy, here come the "Oooooonly in New York!!" jokes.


Anonymous said...


C-47 said...

hand to god, seen a tattoo on a young ladies back side with the ninja turtles crawling out of her... ahem... cause you know, they live in the sewer...

"only in albany...."