Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cut Copy Love

I started a mix called "Bronze Pony". It refers to something hilarious only to me, but I can't stop laughing about it. And it is my nickname for my dance partner.

Now if only we could get away with shattering the windows of all apartments in a five block radius...

Cut Copy* "Far Away"

Mystery Jets "Diamonds in the Dark"

Foals "Balloons"

Van She "Kelly"

Hot 8 Brass Band "Sexual Healing"

Camp Lo "Luchini"

MIA "20 Dollar"

Spank Rock "Tell Me What It Look Like"

The Kills "U.R.A. Fever"

Free Blood "The Royal Family"

Yak Ballz "YBTV"

Any more suggestions to add?

*I couldn't be sadder that I'm missing this concert tonight. I love these guys so so much.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ever since you mentioned fleet foxes i have loved them