Thursday, April 03, 2008

You call this a job?

I'm loving my work these days (sigh, of course, it's temporary). But, I just had cause to crack open a copy of "The Dictionary of American Slang". Hilarity ensues. How could it not, when, on the cover of said book it states "Everything from 'awesome' to 'zorch'!" Note to self: start using "zorch". As much as possible.

So I just opened the book randomly, and here is a random sampling of what I saw:

FUCK LIKE A MINK: v phr 1930, To copulate regularly and vigorously. SAID ONLY OF WOMEN.

FUCK YOU: interj by 1940s. An exclamation of very strong defiance and contempt: Fuck you, friend, if that's your attitude.

Also included: herky-jerky, fudge one's pants, hell-for-leather, in the dumper, meat rack, potzer, pardon me for living, patootie, and boozery.

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Anonymous said...

Which is hotter, minx or minks?