Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Calling all Gluttons!

I just got my first assignment to review a restaurant for an illustrious magazine (have been eating my way through the magazine world for a bit already, but never an actual, bonafide review of a place, paid for and all)!

First thought--woo hoo!

Second thought--gulp.

What do you like to read about restaurants and meals? What are your favorite places to read them?

I want to make it snappy, exciting, interesting, mouth-watering. But most of all, a little different. Of course my style is an unending, mildly poetic longing in everything...can I do that or is it just going to be obnoxious? Or is, for lack of a better phrase, food porn best when we extend it out and infuse it into the entire dining experience?


Anonymous said...

any food descriptions that talk about invoking a feeling are LOVELY...i say go there.

Adrienne said...

I love the way Ruth Reichel talks/writes about food. Read her books- and then get inspired!

D.T. said...

I actually like to hear about the atmosphere of a restaurant. I once read about this New York-style restaurant in town and it sounded like such a fantastic place to go, I went with all my friends and had a great time. The pastrami sandwich made me sick for about two days, and though it should have been a sign to never return, I still go back because of the laid-back and fun place that it is.

Taupey, the Bush Kangaroo said...

It sounds like a national magazine, and if so, do that thing you do where you paint pictures with words. And also focus on the waitstaff--pros or actresses in waiting? Awesome service in the beginning, but you are left for thirty minutes after say, rather firmly, WE'D LIKE OUR CHECK.

Personally, I don't pay much attention to food porn--the menu should change daily, but I do want to know about the space, the staff, the tone, etc.

Maybe you can use: "Wherever she went, including here, it was against her better judgment." - Dorothy Parker (she said this should be her epitath).

jon said...

I like reading reviews on Yelp

K said...

This was all so helpful. Thanks everyone! They asked me to do more!