Monday, April 07, 2008

Quote of the Day

It's a sin to be tired.

-Kate Moss

(And upon my utterance of this exact phrase to my co-workers, to explain why I had stayed out after our party until 3:30 on a Thursday night, having my first Pop Burger and being told of the legend of their seventies porn, Friday when I ventured out into no-man's land, okay, Jersey, to see my friend, Saturday night when I did the gruntwork for a restaurant review and then went to an oddly fun Gatsby-themed party in the nether-reaches of Manhattan and Sunday when I stared at a wall instead of sleeping--they both said, in some form of unison--"Of course she said that, she had a line of coke to keep her awake," Can't we all just enjoy a quote for once? How about, instead, I'll sleep when I'm dead. Or, as it seems when I try to write my novel, I'll write when I'm dead...)

Also, this...


Anonymous said...

That link is TOO RIDICULOUS!!!

Another Twentysomething said...

What an insane-o weekend!!!
"The movie starts when you open your eyes"- Van Gogh
So THERE nay-sayers, proponents of sleep!