Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brofessional Bromanship

Work is nuts. Writing is nuts. Nuts 4 nuts! (Those are the candied nuts they sell in Times Square. Has anyone who isn't wearing a fanny pack ever bought these? Like you're walking and it hits could really, really go for some sweet crusty nuts on a hot summer's day? Note: fanny pack are back and I will be wearing on in Central America--preferably gold and neon and yes, it will be filled with hot, hot, crustnuts.)

That's why my post has devolved into this: A recap of the signatures that have gone on recently in a string of emails, which I can not keep up with:

Let's hang out, signed, Brosefista.

Okay, signed, Broseiden, God of the Brocean.

How's Sunday, Brobama, long lost bro of presumptive Democratic nominee

Sounds good, Bromo Sapien, first bro to walk upright and have bropposable thumbs.

Nice brethrenology. I'll think of a place, Brophius, Matrix star.

Yours is better, Macbook Bro, the tool for the brofessional.

Yes, I still think this is funny. Help me win and post your most hilarious "bro"!


Anonymous said...

Like the First Brolio dude said, "The Lady doth brotest too much, methinks."

Don't be so Brohemian.


Debo said...

I recently signed an email, "Regards, Brosef Stalin".