Thursday, May 01, 2008

Muzak Roundup

Hey, everyone says he's too late to a party that's already over (they do say that about Kavinsky too, those Pitchfork kids hate the hyperbole fun don't they? How can you hate a man who interviews like this?), but I still adore Calvin Harris. Shout out to my friend(s) who have heard his album and sent it my way.*

He answers what is sweetness almost as much as Spank Rock on the other end of the spectrum**

Monday night at Bowery I caught Calvin in all his earnestness, asking over and over "What's up New York? Jump up New York!" So his stage banter could use some work, but he was so excited to be here and have a few errant East Coasters saluting him (the rest of the crowd was a weirdish mix of cliche interpretations of Eurotrash, a grandmother in sequins, and one of the guys from We Are Scientists) that it really didn't matter. Now if only I could be doing the same tomorrow, but Spank Rock got sick and now it's all off. Boo. At least I got those Radiohead tickets in the summer...and I'm listening to a lot of Fleet Foxes and Mystery Jets these days.

Who has a music recommendation to share? Let's hear it!

*Note to all of you, I'm SO COOL that I've had it since last year. No need to ask how I heard it first. No, it was not at a Forever 21 which completely negates all coolness associated with it. Okay, yes it was. Yes, your greatest fears are true: I am lame. Lamer than you ever imagined.

**--who, by the way, I ended up walking behind after the Crystal Castles/Health show a few months ago, and he put a huge traffic cone on his head as a hat and started shouting, "Where the party at?" which I misheard as "Where the party hat?" to which we responded, "On your head!" and then HE started saying "Where the party hat?" and like the Pied Piper led a parade of girls into the depths of Brooklyn and now every time I come into a party I say, "Where the party hat?" Moving o


Anonymous said...

Get loose is

Anonymous said...

Mines a tale that cant be told,
My freedom I hold dear;
How years ago in days of old
When magic filled the air,
Twas in the darkest depths of Brooklyn
Spank Rock met these girls so fair,
But gollum, and the evil one crept up
And slipped away with them.
Them, them...yea.
Aint nothing I can do, no.

Anonymous said...

I love mystery jets!!!