Friday, January 04, 2008

Interview Quote of the Day

Media mogul: What are your thoughts on…sex…using it to get ahead?

Me (reflexively crossing my legs and pulling on the dress I wore): Uh. You mean like performing, uh, ‘sex acts’ (making air quotes) to get hired?

Media mogul (pensively): Hmm, I guess I wasn’t thinking that far out.

Me (uncrossing my legs): Thank God I don’t have to do that again! (Elbowing him) Hey-o!

Not surprisingly, he hasn’t called me in for a second round. Did this joke not translate at ten in the morning or something?


Anonymous said...

oh it translates all right

C-47 said...

...Cause my jaw still hurts from convincing your receptionist that I am in fact your 10am.

-Your post this morning made me want to hi five you. Which I will do upon my return to NYC.

just me said...

did you interview for a crazy company around cooper square that is supposedly trying to create a "debaucherous" media / journalism website?

...because they are certifiably insane.

Buffy said...

This is why I'd rather eat chicken at my desk.

K said...

Just me--I have to hear your experience-what is this company trying to get into your skirt?