Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Good morning campers and welcome to K’s Dance Party! Not to be confused with K’s Pity Party. This one is funner; promise.

Come in, come in. Wait, are you sitting down? I don’t care if you walked all the way here and it’s Wednesday morning and you’re supposed to be working right now. It’s not my fault you’re such a square! Yeah I said square. You just got served!

Oh I see. Now you’re upset. Hello, dance reference! Lighten up!

What’s with the pouting? (Exasperated sigh). Fine. Fine. No, you’re right, I don’t want to “force the fun” on you, and this being a party and all there “really shouldn’t be any rules”. But it’s my party, right? Can’t I just have one? A small one. Scout’s honor.

(Why did I invite you again?) What? Oh, nothing. No, I didn’t say anything. (Yes I did. Tee hee.)

Okay, the only rule of the dance party is that you must be dancey at all times. No, it’s not technically a word, I just made it up. Yes, you can totally define what that means to you. So let’s see it. Here, take these wristbands on good faith. No I don’t have any more in hot pink. Cause I’m already wearing them, that’s why. Don’t be such a jerk about it. It’s not my fault you didn’t come correct! Oh snap!

Oh him? That’s Juan-Jean-Pierre. He runs back and forth in front of that light while raving. Juan-Jean-Pierre is the new strobe. I’m telling you, he’s so hot right now. Never you mind where I got him.

What’s that pounding out of mypod you ask? Oh that’s our soundtrack for this morning. Yes, the silliest mix you ever did hear, in celebration of our dance party, and Wednesday, and your bad attitude. Psych! Not your bad attitude. I’m not rewarding that, I’ll tell you right now. You’re damn right I put Uffie on there. I know it’s a terrible song but those lyrics can’t be beat! Yes it’s your anthem of last fall, I remember. Yes, yes, we’ve all heard that you’re ready to…uff.

But are you ready to dance?

M.I.A. “Ten Dollar”

The Streets “When You Wasn’t Famous”


Anonymous said...

I want to be invited!

Alex said...

If I were to have a dance party with you, it would be a private slow jam party just for the two of us, and the playlist would be only four songs on repeat:

1. "Close The Door" by Teddy Pendergrass
2. "Freak Me" by Silk
3. "Reasons" by Earth Wind and Fire
4. "Pony" by Ginuwine

You're my dream blogger, K.

debo said...

Creepy McCreepster.

Anonymous said...

Get in line "alex". I got this dance. And we're dancing to the electric slide.

trina said...

i propose a dance to the death.

Alex said...

I accept that challenge. Winner gets one wild night with everybody's favorite almost literary blogger. I wonder if she's as cute in real life as she seems in her blog...

Anonymous said...

dude, have you seen this?

Laura said...

VHS or Beta is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Well, maybe not so awesome that they need every letter separated and in caps, but at least "seriously awesome."

Ha Ha Sound said...

What about the new Beck single? That's made for dancing.

k said...

Boys, boys, settle down. You're BOTH pretty.

Dance to the death for me. Muah hah hah.

Going to listen to the Beck song pronto...