Monday, June 25, 2007


"Hey, how was your weekend?"

"Awesome, you're going to love it when you come on Saturday. It was really good...but kind of dirty."

"Dirty like that Jersey car salesman who you hooked up with while a robot watched?"

(no response)

"I may be getting some of the details wrong here..."

"No, that's right. But it was about three degrees worse than that."


Anonymous said...

what i wouldnt give to understand what the hell you are talking about, or where you are going this weekend!

akela_p501usa said...

NUnit .Net unit testing framework

debo said...

Car salesmen are to Jersey what investment bankers are to New York.

Wasn't that on the SAT?

PeeJ said...

I am SO stealing that analogy.

Sorry, stolen, nup, it's MINE now :)