Monday, June 25, 2007

Home on the Outside

I’ve found recently that I’m becoming an outdoorsy person, and not just stretching out in the nearest fountain instead of writing my novel.

I’ve been spending so much more time outside as an active participant, walking around and discovering new neighborhoods, barely using my Metrocard, lusting after dogs in the park, planning beachy yoga retreats, researching the horseriding lessons I loved in seventh grade, filling out the paperwork to clean up New York’s waterways and trails and rearing to go as soon as they need more volunteers.

I’m not even sure how this happened since in the past my favorite activity outside was working on my tan and reading a magazine on a floating chair. It’s a far cry from me now, desperately trying to talk someone into going white water rafting with me on August 4th.

So far, no takers. I’m holding out for the right person. Or going alone. Either way.

My friends, lovely, all of them, have much calmer and arguably classier plans that involve barbequing lobster and shore-side lounging. Why I would want to hop on a bus with a bunch of random people I don’t know and eat a waterlogged bologna sandwich, ending the day with a burned nose and sore quads is beyond them.

It would have been beyond me a few months ago, but I figure, a sea change should encompass rapids too…


debo said...

One day, after living in NYC for nearly two years, I ventured into the great unknown (the North Shore of Long Island), where I encountered the most puzzling of matters. It seemed to be the result of mixing dirt and water, it was brown and sticky and made my shoes a mess. I had never seen it before in New York and to be honest, it frightened me. I quickly retreated to the safety of my concrete jungle, hopeful that I'd never encounter such a thing ever again.

Anonymous said...

debo: hilarious.

Where do you live now? You should go with k! Why not try another harrowing experience?

It Starts Now said...

I would love to horseback ride again. It is one outdoor adventure that never made me feel like I was putting in more than I was getting. It exhausted me and challenged me, but I felt great when I was done. I am stuck in a city as well but I am determined to find a horse and hop on for the ride!
Best of luck and if I were in NYC, I'd be right on that raft with ya!

debo said...

Hello Anonymous. I now call Buenos Aires home. I would explore The Great Unknown with K, but "it's complicated".