Friday, June 29, 2007

Items for smiling

A stack of new books, an easily flowing pen, memories of my elementary school picnic

Worn in jeans, clean kitchens, candle-dotted bathrooms, central air

Party planning, list-making, Whole Foods shopping, shore-hopping

The new patio lined with trees and the yet-to-be discovered roofdeck

Yellow linen, hot laundry, the L train

Laughing out loud our office porn names from our first pets and streets and secretly finding mine the best (“Peaches and Cream Perry”)

Cracking open a new bottle of water and it being too cold for my teeth

The sun between the blinds, coloring out of the lines, coffee past when it should be allowed

Saying, “Buh-buh-bananuh bread with fuh-fuh-frostin.” Also, “spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti.”

Christmas in August, summer in winter, and any juxtaposition that combines my new bikini with anything else

The tearsheet of the Tiffany pin that looks like a peapod trumped by a handful of actual peapods

Walking over bridges instead of burning them, water under dams instead of flooding them, anything seaside at all

An hour and a half left of the work week and the hallmark of summer just moments away


Anonymous said...

I like saying tomaaaater, tomaaaater, tomaaaaayyyter.

L said...

Nice! Enjoyed my visit here, will be back!!

Anonymous said...

bananuhs are good fuh yuh

Melograna said...

Coffee is always best when it's past when it should be allowed, not least because then it allows more time.