Friday, June 29, 2007


It’s overcast and when it is, it always reminds me of that day in Australia, at the exotic fruit tasting, when I was so incredibly excited to open one named a “Chocolate Pudding Fruit” only to find inside it looked like a rotten avocado and tasted like paste.

Then, the air was heavy with the promise of rain and the surrounding hills were Seattle-green. My sneakers were sinking in an inch of mud as we sat on wood benches slanted under the tarp. The orchard of fruit trees dropped seeds to the ground, and a rugged old guy carved open star-shaped oddities with a knife of machete-sized proportions. It was a weekday, in the summer, and it was fantastic…

It was today, a few years ago, and maybe a few years in the future too.


Anonymous said...

Let's go to Australia! Sounds like fun ;)

debo said...

For as much as we all may complain, being young is sweet.