Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Foiled Again

The foil’s infection has spread through the class. Luckily, because of her, I have come to see and will immediately take the following memos to heart.

Notes to self:

1. Stop, stop, stop basing characters on myself! That way, when they are exposed for being obnoxious, entitled, and self-involved, I won’t get as upset.

2. While we’re at it, stop being so obnoxious, entitled, and self-involved, because it’s offending people.

3. (Optional) Once #2 is completed and the need for a new personality presents itself, figure out how to get a very different one as it’s becoming painfully clear that no amount of self-loathing, no matter how sincere, can compensate for unconsciously being a total brat.

The only good I guess to come out of last night was the teacher’s secret backing: that I can still tell the story I want to tell from the character I want to tell. Also, that I should get my butt to an MFA program, because I may possess it. Whatever it is.

So beaten down, but still have potential. Okay, I’ll take it.


Cheetarah1980 said...

get thee to an MFA program with haste! Don't I sound Shakespearean? But seriously, an MFA sounds like a splendid idea. You go do it then tell me if it's worth it.

Another twentysomething said...

What does MFA stand for??

ps said...

congratulations! and what's wrong with being obnoxious, entitled, and self-involved?

K said...

I think it's Master of Fine Arts? I've heard it's a great place for us struggling writers to fritter away time and rack up debt ;)

David said...

What a coincidence the "word verification" letters that I had to type in were "MFAASAP"


her pretended said...

An MFA, that's no small recommendation! Are you considering it? Either way, congrats!

Another twentysomething said...

Ah, I see. My take on that has always been that the way you're approaching writng- practicing on your own and in classes with other writers and teachers, is just as effective, and certainly cheaper, than a degree. Talent is talent, afterall. What famed and successful writers credit their university?

Laura said...

1. Stop thinking of your characters as you. They are separate entities now. Think of yourself as god, and they are creations.

2. Now that you are god, you can punish them for being obnoxious, entitled, and self-involved. We call this plot and conflict.

3. Also, since you are god, it is perfectly acceptable for you to be obnoxious, entitled, and self-involved.

4. NEVER let anyone make you feel guilty or bad for writing the stories that you have. If this is the sort of character you like to write about, so be it. Just write her well.

themarina said...

Laura said it best. Congratulations on the recommendation!

Amy said...

My most coveted creative writing teacher once told me: "Write what you know." You know yourself best, right? A more organic character will come out of what you know to be true - in my opinion, all characters we write about have parts of ourselves in them. And anyway, you seem pretty rad to me, so I'd hope to hear your voice in your protagonist! Maybe the bitch in class wouldn't be buying your book, but I would. :)