Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Neko Case and “Deep Red Bells” is on repeat.

This is my song for the week as it harkens rushing rivers, swaying reeds, drooping blue willows, wooden-slat porches, bourbon and a glass of water

All those hot weather things, all those sips of someone else’s life. Borrowed time in other scorching days.

Dipping a toe, then swinging high, a moment of flight before falling off the rope swing.

Minnows and sand banks.

Old doors and sun-drenched parlors. Slow-churned anything, everything.

Pink moons, stars puncturing. The creaking of floorboards and the click-click of dog toenails.

Now here’s hoping those thoughts and the iPod battery can last, as today is Tuesday and I face the foil once more, this time armed with thirty six pages…


Buffy said...

Foil smoil. Be grateful for your thirty six pages and smile at the foil.

themarina said...

I'm with Buffy. It's your 36 pages and it's a huge accomplishment. Congrats!

Sunday's Child said...

I think you are well armed to meet the foil. congrats and good luck.

b said...

Nice to see other Neko fans out there. Pretty much everything she writes is great, and the new record is the best yet. Hope you got a chance to see her at Webster earlier this year. 36 pages is more than a good start - good luck.