Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I want to talk about now that I live alone

Well I live alone, without any girls now. It's great! I watch what I want to watch, have my slovenly boyfriend over all the time, cook whatever I like, clean obsessively but let books and papers pile up as I write and rewrite and plan other friends' baby showers...

But I never had sisters. And I was always jealous of those who had. And my best girlfriends now all live in other cities. And well, sometimes you just need another girl to bounce an idea off of, or else you're crazy.

Here's what I want to say to the girls, wherever they may be, on this blog, in my mind, wherever you are!

1. How often do I really have to have a pedicure in the wintertime? It's been over a month...and I feel like I can go longer. This feeling is unsubstantiated now that I am alone most of the time.

2. Is it OK for me to watch Jon and Kate plus 8? I am strangely drawn to it. Please help.

3. What can I make for dinner on Sunday nights instead of ordering? I love to cook, I just hate to shop for cooking. Buying a chicken breast and lemons and herbs and then salad greens? Ugh, all I want is Thai! Also do I have to eat organically? I like Gatorade.

4. What websites are good these days? Gawker is getting a little...and Jezebel is also kind know.

5. I'm kind of done with Oprah magazine. Used to love it, but now I don't. What can I read that is part trash, part stimulating?

6. Is it okay that I don't want to have a baby yet? Or even a pet? That I like to come home and have everything left just the way it was, even though I'm...gasp...twenty eight?

7. Is it okay to be twenty-eight and not even thinking seriously about getting married until I get my book published, which might be NEVER?

That's it! All I had to do was ask, and I feel better. Also, should I take back up knitting, where can I get the best sportsbra, I hate earrings again, I'm not interested in Halloween this year, I wear the same three dresses all weekend long and I don't want to change, and I'm applying to school and am scared I won't get in anywhere or worse, get in and not get funding.

That feels better, okay, back to work.


Maeko said...

Hi, HK.

1. Pedicures... only when you don't want your cuticles to be raggedy. I do half assed peddies by cleaning up cuticles, moisturizing my nail beds and trimming/filing nails in shape and that's it. Maybe clear polish if I feel like it, but most times, hell no.

2. We're all strangely drawn to something. I liked The Hills and The Simple Life and Workout when I had TV reception.

3. Real Simple's cache of 20 & 30 minute meals are simple and easy to shop for... They even have a month of easy meals with shopping lists so you can buy a week or two's worth of groceries at once. No to organic... it's better, but it's optional. LOL.

4. PEOPLE.COM! SMUT with eyecandy!

5. Trash + Stimulating = 2 prong approach. 2 mags. (Well I do 3: Wired or Monocle or National Geographic + People Style Watch + Real Simple) The only girly mag out there that I know of that has any article worth pondering for a minute is probably Marie Claire, which often has international issues and world crisis issues as a highlighted feature.

6. You're 28. Babies? NOW?

7. Yes, it's okay. In fact, it's surprising you're questioning it's okay-ness.

Okay bye.
Your E-Girlfriend Mae

K said...

You are a doll! Why don't we live next door to eachother?

Miss Scarlet said...

I hate when I see a recipe and it has 438920 ingredients.