Wednesday, October 28, 2009

8 Simple Rules for Helping Me With My Applications

8. Don't say that my writing sample is "too smart" and you "don't get it" to get out of talking about my writing sample because it's actually boring. I wasn't born yesterday! (Offender: Boyfriend. -5 points)

7. Don't ask why I'm applying to schools. I don't know anymore, and I have too many things due to have to explain it again, and yes I know that you can be a writer without this degree, but I'm into it deep. And I still want to be a better writer, hence I want the degree. So have a heart and shut it! (Offender: Old Boss. -10 points)

6. Do say I'll get through it...somehow. It's nice, it's not too aspirational, and it's just inevitable. (Angel: Best Friend. + 20 points)

5. Do offer to make a big cup of green tea when I'm surrounded by papers and broken ink cartridges at 11 at night on a Friday as I stay in to edit while you get to go out drinking. (Angel: Boyfriend. +10 points)

4. Don't remind me that I did this once and failed miserably, only getting into mediocre programs. (Offender: Self. -5 points)

3. Do be amazing and think every stupid idea I have is worthwhile, like this one. (Angels: Mom and Dad +100 points)

2. Don't interrupt me every five minutes with an email about a lost detergent cap in the laundry room. I'm trying to work here! (Offender: Landlord. -15 points)

1. Don't give up on me. (Angels: maybe you guys? +100 points)


Anonymous said...

Totally sympathize! I'm starting from scratch (with the GRE, no less!) and have so many doubts (me: Am I smart enough? To old at 30? What about the cost $$$$$?), detractors (boyfriend: Do you reeaaally need this?), and mindless cheerleaders (parents: Masters! Masters! Masters! Masters!), it's overwhelming. Really overwhelming. Anyways, your best friend's right, though, you will get through this. I'm running the NYC marathon this weekend, and if training has taught me anything, it's to just. keep. going. It really does pay off.

K said...

Wow, running the marathon!! I am so incredibly impressed!!

That is something to be really proud of, if you can get through that, grad school apps have got to be a total breeze.

I'm rooting for you from afar, for the marathon, grad school and beyond!