Monday, June 22, 2009

Your advice is needed!

I haven't been here because I have a new gig writing at a music site and long story short I spend about all my free time doing that, and going to my brother's high school graduation (which has the startling capacity to make me feel SO OLD that he's graduating the same year I had my reunion) and wrapping up three classes and enrolling in a new one and sending the novel off to the editor and really getting on writing the second novel and talking with my writing sample--arguing with it really--for school and organizing all of my lists of where I'd move to school to.

All this in the rain.

It's exhausting! I need a staycation (can't afford a vacation) where I just don't use the internet after a certain hour or I turn into a gremlin. I want to stay at Mogwai. My boyfriend's feeling neglected.

So I'm spending the time I should be scouring for new artists, looking up my favorite music videos of all time. So far I've come up with this, but I want to post some more on the site. So any more suggestions?


Joseph said...

Good selection. Here's a few of my favourites.

Jason Forrest - War Photographer

LFO - Freak

Lambchop - Is a woman

DJ Format - we know something you don't know

C-47 said...

Anything by Zapp and Roger

Fugazi - Song #1 (Guy's my dancing doppleganger)

Bobby Brown - My Prerogative

Gwar - Meat Sandwich

Ginuwine - Pony (Like you dont remember this video)

Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized

Onyx - Slam

Wreckx-n-effect - rump shaker (first beat sold by pharell)


Green Jello
(Does anyone remember this video???)

Faith no more - Epic

Shit or this video?? This was all the hype on MTV when I was a little dude
Enigma - Sadness - Part I

Technotronic - Pump up the jam

De La

Shit, I could name old videos all day.... I aint even jumped on NWO, or like Mase videos or like Tom Petty, that dude had some memorable videos. Oh shit wait wait wait

Grand Master Flash

anything by ultra magnetic also.

Man in Mufti said...

Ma'am, dunno 'bout yer work yet; but this is about your mention of a staycation. Think U could do it in India, if you please. They outsource that too. :-)