Friday, December 19, 2008

Japanese Cat Humiliation

Today I've got lunch with a Top Chef judge (we go way back) and must get my book in halfway decent shape and printed out for my writing partner to look at while I get tan on the beaches of Colombia for the next few weeks.

Life is pretty cool. But, there is so much to do before the holidays, the birthdays that fall right on or before the holidays (that's a few people in my life) and the book (have edited and really tightened and now love pages 1-148, the second half is in shambles and I cannot vouch for it, but have cut about 23 pages in total by going through every page and cutting a line here and a line there)

But then, how can I do any work when it's snowing outside my window and there's Japanese Cat Humiliation to watch?


David Tellez said...

Is it Tom? Padma?! Sorry, I'm just a real big fan of the show and I can't even imagine how amazing lunch would be with them. I wonder if they would judge their own meal? Hmmm...

K said...

It's a secret, I've got to keep it one! But we went to their favorite pizza place in the city and the wine was very expensive but the pizza was DIVINE.