Monday, December 15, 2008

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

A great quote from my dad who used it when I would plaintively point out that he was breaking a cardinal rule he set forth for me: get your chores done before you engage in any play (little did I know that every phone call he ever took was about work--I saw the phone as made only for planning playdates not scheduling the electrician), don't skip meals (here he was too busy doing chores to eat--what can I say, I've never met harder working folks than both my parents), and so forth.

I'm hardworking too, I swear. But the economy doesn't want me to be: full-time writing jobs slashed across all magazines in the building, even my fun and very regular food-writing has vanished (and my boss, and my boss's boss--gone in a flash). So I'm going in a flash. To Colombia and Panama for 3 weeks. More backpacking, more money I don't have. Because I've got the time and at 27 years old, do I ever have any time?

And at 28 and 29 I'll be paying for it. I should be deep in the throes of pre-30s depression by then so hey, why not.

So, any of you been? Have recommendations? Remember, I survived Nicaragua and I'm only going to the safest of places in Colombia...

Anyone else just up and doing something crazy since the job market tanked?


David Tellez said...

I've always believed your 20s are for living life. Being reckless and not having anyone to worry about, but yourself makes life that much more fun. And when you don't really think about the consequences of your actions, you're much more likely to have fun, fall in love, relax, or at the very least, have an adventure. The only bad thing about being young? The lack of funds. Still, have fun!

Maeko said...

Mis parentes would never say such a thing, because, well... they knew we'd always follow their example and totally be hypocrites. I think my parents didn't want hypocrite kids.

I agree with David above. The Twenties are for adventure. I am living the magazine, American-Life--Mid-Twenties... about to get married, have kids, work regular job.

Except I'm not a college graduate yet, and even though I pride myself on my writing, I don't have a piece in my portfolio worth mentioning, because I'm barely published.

Fuck, go live your life. Your Nicaragua adventures were fucking brill. I've heard Buenos Aires is exciting and interesting, and that Argentina is pretty cool. How about trekking through the Patagonia in Southern Chile/Argentina? That should be interesting, to say the least.

No one I know is doing anything exciting. You're it.