Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's That Time Again

Fall, all faded pictures and new beginnings, makeups and breakups, chills, stacks of papers, sweater weather and a feeling of anticipation. Something is inherently sad about becoming new. Something is inherently cliche about being sad.

Inevitable as it is.

Only red and orange leaves, falling over in a pumpkin patch and jugs of cider can help me now...

The mood waxes and wanes more than a lunar cycle, I've got these concert tickets in hand, I've got a lightness now on my shoulders but the heart's a little heavier and I wonder, even if it was fun, fantastic, are experiences just wastes of time when they don't particularly pan out, a few months have gone by and you haven't really changed, you loved, you didn't lose, you just were.

And you still are you.


Anonymous said...

stretch out, eat some fro yo, read a good book, and better yet, finish writing one ;)

Anonymous said...

K, I've really enjoyed your blog. I just finished up four years in Los Angeles as a confused twenty-something, where I loved, lost, and started questioning everything. Lived everyday with utter disappointment towards the real world, along with deep excitement for its beauty and infinite possibilities.
Currently on my parents' couch in Podunk, IL, trying to figure out what to do next.