Monday, October 29, 2007


These pre-Halloween days brought clashing festivities, a gaggle of turkeys at the first party, two Rainbow Brights and a half-naked girl in her skivvies at the second, a costume in tandem (Tanto and I were the “Addicted to Love” girls from Robert Palmer’s classic video, and naturally, we had a choreographed dance, and we got a free ride home from the police because of it), and my first full-time writing assignment which instead of working on, I nervously procrastinated.

And the past 48 hours brought some pretty great pickup lines too. My favorite overheard:

Scenario #1


Scenario #2

Man dressed in a laundry bag: “You know, everyone here is convinced we should be together. Except for you.”

Confused girl, laughing: “But aren’t I the only one you have to convince?”

Scenario #3

Man dressed in a laundry bag, somehow at the next location: “Let me just tell you a joke.”

Confused girl, not laughing: “Okay. Shoot.”

Man dressed in a laundry bag: “Have you heard about the new corduroy pillows? They’re making head lines.”

Confused girl, laughing a really long time: “Ha!”


Anonymous said...

I could not be more glad that im not a girl.

Anonymous said...

Post pictures from Chromeo!