Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nothing ever changes

New job, same old me.

Over the phone:

Other end: “Okay I’ll connect you now.”

My end: “Thank you, sir.”


Other end: “It’s MA’AM.”

My end: “Oh, jeez. Sorry…I. Uh. Your voice is just very, uh….robust. I mean, I like it…”

Both ends: **click**

In person

Me (to maintenance men): “Thanks for coming down here to put in a new lightbulb. It’s so dark down here with this low-lighting.”

Maintenance men: **chuckle**

Me, getting started: “Yeah it’s like, romantic down here or something! It’s hard to work!”

Male intern in incredibly tight jeans and skinny tie: **chuckle**

Me, further encouraged: “Intern, don’t you think it’s like, way too sexy down here? ”

Male intern in incredibly tight jeans and skinny tie: **clears throat**

Me, deflated: “Oh, uh. I guess it was just sexy for me. Not for um…you and me. I see.”

Maintenance men: **chuckle**


Anonymous said...

please come work in my office. i would love that.

Ha Ha Sound said...

Are you working out of a basement studio, or in an office someplace? And why did you need somebody to change a lightbulb for you?

Anyway, congrats on the new gig. How's it going?

debo said...

Are you heading to Chotchky's for lunch?

K said...

Ha ha--A legit office I promise! It's actually the same building as my old job. Why it's so "romantic" in editorial at the new place is completely beyond me. The light needed to be changed in the ceiling. I asked for higher wattage. The guy before me was always glowering in the dark or something.

Debo--can I wear my flair there?

debo said...

I think you'd actually make a fantastic TGIFriday's waitress. There's actually one in BA. It's creepy as h-e-double hockey sticks.