Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quote of the Day

“Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. You’re meeting up with that ex?”



“No, it’s okay. I told him exactly what you and I talked about.”

“You told him you would just break his heart again?”


“You did? And?”

“And…he kind of seems cool with it.”

Careful, careful…this is a very, very bad idea...but since when did that ever stop anyone?

Addendum: Hmmm...maybe men really do love bitches...


Anonymous said...

oh jeeeezus. this better not be who i think it is.

just look him straight in the eye and say "there's no crying in baseball!!!"

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely commenting on this. I see things this way: if a guy and a girl break up, they should stay broken up. Can you ever go back? Probably not! But one person will always try to and there will be this imbalance of power that can never really be fixed, right?

If this is a friend of yours (or you? I would reckon that you've made a guy or two cry before, defintey not on purpose but I get that sense, in the nicest way possible so please don't take it the wrong way as who knows since we don't even really know each other but I feel like we kind of do) meeting up with a guy that she made cry and wasn't vindictive about it, and he knows it, and she knows it, well who is at fault? He wants to cry again I guess. But damn, it takes a cold woman to do such a thing. See this is why men love bitches.

debo said...

I don't love bitches. They suck.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love me some bitches!

m said...

hahahha it seems to go both ways. nice people always get shafted.

The Dummy said...

I think people are drawn by what they can't have, and secretly hope that they can get the person who broke their heart to change their mind. It's like he's the moth, you're the fire; he's drawn to you, but he's gonna get burned.

sid said...

LOL! I have to agree with the dummy. I just don't understand how guys can still like me even though I treated them badly.