Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer Songs

Once I was gifted a mix, and it was the soundtrack to the best summer of my life. Marine biology, two weeks in Tokyo and the one were just forming in front of me.

Listening to that mix was a transporting swell, a wave that fell into me and then out of my hands in such manic happiness, and this morning I remembered it wrong and somehow added on other songs that never even existed in the same space. Good memories are like that for me. They bleed into each other, pooling in a long strand of endorphins that can't be separated.

The songs just felt like grass and the pool, long days and elbows out of car windows, star-studded nights and barefoot running in someone else's driveway. Wearing a bathing suit at all times just in case, throwing tomatoes at the dog, popping a new can of tennis balls, the smell of wood chips and washing the car by hand.


Anonymous said...

I love it that u link this stuff. New music for me to listen to.

Anonymous said...

I think we are soul sisters...seriously...

Ha Ha Sound said...

Right now, I'm grooving on the new Jose Gonzalez, the Sea and Cake's Oui and Broadcast's Work and Non Work. Three great albums. I highly recommend the lot.

Vesper said...

that's some damn fine music!

Anonymous said...

f yeah, you got good taste. i like the knife's version of heartbeats more than jose gonzales

PeeJ said...

VERY good link.

How about a brit-centric list..

The Orb - "Little Fluffy Clouds"
St Etienne - "Nothing can stop us"
Oasis - "Slide Away"
Suede - "The Wild Ones"
Olive - "You're not alone"

All summery (for me at least)


K said...

Peej--dear lord--The Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds" brings me back. That was the background music to a cartoon I made in high school.

I must go listen to it right now. Thanks!