Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fashion Cues

I'm sniffling. Who gets sick in the summer? So last night I rummaged around my room in an attempt to entertain myself and take the edge off the Benadryl.

Going through old pictures always works. I found this one. And I thought I'd share.

This is more than a little embarassing, but when I saw it I thought....is that....is that...not an exact, albeit cooler, replica of the LES "jumper" I wore to Thursday's party?

At first it was an issue of me peaking at ten, now it's me peaking at four.


Anonymous said...

Coolest kid ever. Even your haircut here is cool! God, the 80s were so great.

C-47 said...

sh+t... i need to do some rummaging cause somewhere i got a photo of you as a young'n that kicks the crap outta that one....but man if you weren't a cutey then.

Anonymous said...

nice tan!

Anonymous said...

you should send this picture in to Viceland.com for a Do and be all like, "we don't support that dude from American Apparel pedophiling kids in onsies like these from the 80s, but then again, we kind of want to hit it too."

Vesper said...

such a cute picture!!!!