Thursday, July 19, 2007

La Vie en Provence

The famous Avignon theater festival, Louis the 16th and his grotesque horsemen gyrating to “Superfreak”, lights of carousels

Ancient half-bridges ending halfway through the Rhone, the home of popes, winding roads to get anywhere

The prenaturally attractive, overspilling markets, bunches of herbs, paella and prawn heads

The melted ice spring, waving plants reaching green, crumbling house fronts, the aqueduct-inspired

Fields and fields of pillowed lavender

How French dogs strut and French cats preen


Floating rich toast in the broth of bouillabaisse, carafes of wine, the mottled sweep of sycamores

Lakes spread into mini-lagoons, perfume country, green water lapping the gentle slope of hills

The flat, matte sky

Rock beaches, remnants of old ports, buoyant water and striped umbrellas
One week far, far away


Anonymous said...

pretty pretty

Anonymous said...

I need a vacation.