Monday, July 23, 2007

If I ruled the world...all videos would be in cartoon form

All my favorite videos present and past are animated; all my favorite bands are Scandinavian or emerging from behind the Iron Curtain.

Logic was washed away with this morning’s torrential downpour. Now I’ll give my right toe to anyone who allows me to go home and watch these between Flight of the Concords on demand.

Anything by Los Campesinos. Particularly the video for the latest.

Old summer colliding with new.

Before Napoleon Dynamite made ankle-length snow boots cool, I bet Jonas from Mew already had his own line.

My most treasured videotape from the library when my dad rented it for me when I was seven.*

Where I learned all my dance moves.

An eighties throwback enjoyed a little too much.

When fat rabbits unite.

And finally, my all-time favorite and gold standard.

Any more suggestions?

*For those of you familiar with my dad and his practices, does this at all seem out of character? That instead of Sesame Street I was subjected to Yellow Submarine? This is a man who refused to give up a mailbox war, was one of the first straight men in the entire world to bring a hair dyer and hairspray into the locker room at the gym in the 80s, and was in charge of my Brownie troop since none of the mothers would do it and then took us to see the county jail and to pick up trash, glue-gunning and stapling my badges onto my sash. Best dad ever.


Anonymous said...

that other one that you posted from Justice was pretty awesome. But I guess you already posted it.

k said...

I have to also add this sort-of-newly released video from Chromeo, even though it's not animated, because I was dancing the bootleg MP3 all winter.

But I kind of can't see anything in it...

k said...

Though it's still amazing. Especially when it looks like the guy is grabbing his package.

debo said...

If I ruled the world, I'd open every cell in Attica, send them all back to Africa.

PeeJ said...

This entry is like GOLD DUST! Thanks hon.

/is an animation nut.

/wishes he could draw like John Krickfalusi