Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dirty Jerse

The funniest conversation overheard this weekend:

“So he was funny?”

“So funny.”

“And really hot?”

“Yes, so hot. So very hot. Except…”


“Well I met him at the Jersey Shore.”


“So…when we kissed, I smelled self-tanner.”


Anonymous said...

New Jersey: only the strong survive.

debo said...

Ah, we have another patron of Urban Outfitters amongst us....

themarina said...

hehe. That made me giggle.

Adrienne said...

that's awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Amo said...

I would say HEY i'm FROM jersey...but who am I kidding. The S*it is true. Very funny. Thanks K

k said...


Noone's saying you all aren't HOT.



D.T. said...

Ewwwwww...talk about your deal-breaker! The fact that it's funny just adds to the greatness of it!

Rees26 said...

Ugh. Guidos are the WORST!

PeeJ said...

I swear I read the line "I met 'im at the Jersey Store" like that line from "Leader of the Pack"