Sunday, March 04, 2007

What took him so long?

Okay. I just had to type this as I may be witnessing the "Alien Autopsy" of '07. James Cameron (of Terminator and Titanic fame) has found the bones of Jesus? And is exposing said blanched artifacts, right now, as we speak, on The Discovery Channel?

You. Must. Turn. This. On.

My only question is, why didn't he wait to release this around some religious movie opening that he produced?


Actually, that's not my only question.

It's just that...seems like that would make the most sense. Not that I think I'm smarter than the guy who found THE BONES OF JESUS, but, you know...


c-47 said... I watched it and the Koppel debate afterwards. Nothing puts me in a shaking fury like these topics.
1. Did they find a jar with Jesus on it. Yep. Is it the bones of Christ, no one will ever know. Archeaology is at best a strong guess, almost nothing is verifiable proof ever.
2. The implications for Christians. There has been much outrage and gnashing of teeth over this docudrama , and its implications for Christ-ees the world over. Will it disprove his deity? The response to it has been a wrathful hands over eyes, fingers in ears disbelief, refusal to reevaluate. If a person, a grown adult, doesnt rethink something they call their faith once and awhile, then I feel sorry for them. To keep onself so shrouded in occlusion due to a percieved embargo on questions and doubt is sad. Oh no my philosopher is no longer magic. My world collapses.

Here's the thing, regardless of what camp you stand in, the man's sermons are the important bit, not his ability to pull parlor tricks. It always amazes me how the teachings are pushed to the side for the more outlandish sections. Why people insist on keeping themselves in a juvenille state is beyond me, other then perhaps the journey out of the cave is too difficult and scary. I spose if you need to believe in an easter bunny to sleep well, then mazeltoph. But all the great thinkers, those that have come closest to getting it have done so through great emotional and mental strife. It is painful to wrestle the infinite, to glimpse a beauty fast receding from mortal eyes.



c-47 said...

i should have prefaced this by saying I am a man of no religion, but an ardent searcher for truth.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. This can't be real.

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

ok, i missed the show, but i will say that I had the same disappointment that the producers didn't wait for 01.01.2007 to debut the next 007 installment. HELL-O?

Really, K, why aren't people consulting us?