Monday, January 01, 2007

Grow Up

I’ve got new, amazing sheets with a very high thread count. My bed is officially a floaty, welcoming cloud. And because of last night, I’m spending most of the day in it. This is the fun stuff. Pillow angels and a cashmere blanket, a new CD on repeat as I plan my year by texting.

2007 will be full of fun stuff, full of fun me. After the re-taking of the test, of course. The new doctor made me promise twice. I will go dancing in the new year. This will be a first, I don’t think anyone’s ever taken me dancing before. It feels so…adult. I have visions of cocktail rings strategically placed over elbow-length gloves. There’s something about being picked up and having reservations, a whirlwind and someone else’s plan. His new year’s was a loft party where an underground supper club passed exotic nibbles; yak and crocodile. His world is something I’m not used to, but could be in 2007, once I grow up. My new year’s was hilarious, cheap champagne and spilling shots on my boots, screaming the wrong lyrics on the street. This is my first January of twenty-five. Someone has mistaken me for a chic sophisticate, so let’s keep the truth between us.

Now I’m back to reading vocab, also helpful in my new role as the younger woman.

I just learned the word for “possessing perfect buttocks”. I pray this will be tested come next Monday…wow, I can't stop laughing...