Saturday, June 10, 2006

The things I know...

nutrition, contrition

limited astrophysics, Italian grammar, Australian politics, English literature

when to smile and say thank you, and when to just smile

lawn maintenance, to lift from the legs, how to pack

two sangira recipes

that noxious people often win

where the sidewalk ends

laughter spreads by epidemic waves

formal dining room etiquette (salt cellars, dipping bowls, fish forks)

the correct way to cast a line, unhook the catch, and grill it whole

the dogs will sit still for brushing only if chicken-flavored toothpaste is used

to pinpoint an emotional problem, to contain a meltdown momentarily, to hold a seat

the joy of cooking

to read the summer stars

love, fear, and finite sadness

organic embraces carbon

all the Teflon presidents

how many three-cent stamps in a dozen

pets and bed-warmers are one and the same

partial catechism from childhood sunday school, protocol for bat mitzvahs

moss should grow on the north side of the rock

that now is more important than then

when I close my eyes and pull my hands tight to my body, the monster under the bed goes away

tomorrow never comes, yesterday always always fades, today will end if you just let it

all mothers are beautiful

skies are better blue than white

outside voices sometimes come inside

to awake, to breathe, to be alive is divine

in a perfect world, vacations would cycle through our schedules as regularly as the tides

to chew with my mouth closed, sit with my back straight, and hug sincerely with both arms

two wrongs never make it right

butter makes it better

there is such a thing as too much

to not forget the baseboards when dusting, the wine when housewarming, the cushions when key/wallet/remote searching

how not to fall out of a tree, off of a skateboard, in my heels

that there is more for me to learn in this life than droplets of water in the sea


mamak said...

"to read the summer stars" ... impressive!
"that now is more important than then" ... nothing is more true than this!
Terrific post. Always cool to know more about you!

Buffy said...

The monster will also leave if you cover your toes and close your eyes.

GeminiWisdom said...

"where the sidewalk ends" is my favorite book from my childhood.

Love the post. As always.

Maulleigh said...

Something I learned the slow hard way: feel the fear and do it anyway. It's NEVER as bad as you think.

Oob said...

Enjoyed it as usual, K.

NotCarrie said...

What a great list! I love it.

D.T. said...

And really...that's the kind of stuff you cant learn in any school.

themarina said...

"there is such a thing as too much" - oh yes. I found this out the wrong way. I'll never be able to look at, smell or eat a strawberry (or anything strawberry flavoured) ever again.