Friday, February 24, 2006

The Joneses

No one will take us to dinner, so we take ourselves. The elders and their promoted assistants. They pick Perry Street and we oblige.

Though remarkable, it’s too expensive for us, even in new positions. They come boasting Burberry totes, YSL blouses, spring Manolos. We shift uncomfortably in J. Crew.

They don’t offer to trade their exorbitant wine selection when we politely protest. They don’t offer to pick up the tab though they are many years and dollars ahead of us. We would never allow it, but still, it could be nice to hear…

We eat bread, order chicken, drink tap and glitter conversation. We earn our keep in this club by spinning tales.

We walk, not cab, home. Once there, we warm Hot Pockets and wonder if we’ll ever, ever fit in.


Belle said...

short and sweet and very, very good.

for me, it used to be "ben's pizza" on the corner instead of "hot pockets."

christ*el #3tx said...

just stopping by to say hello.

i like your style.


stretch td said...

Fantastic blog. I look forward to hearing about your future adventures in NYC.

K said...

belle, c, and stretch--thanks so much for the encouragement for my arrival in the blogosphere!

I'll keep posting and look forward to hearing more from you


Moonchild said...

I am shifting uncomfortable in my Wal Mart purchases.

J.Crew? That's high class.

D.T. said...

Ok, so this is how I see it. Fashion is all in the eye of the beholder. It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it. You could be wearing suede Gucci pants and a Marc Jacobs military-style trench coat, walking down 5th Ave in your Jimmy Choo's, but no one's gonna give a shit of who you're wearing, unless you walk down the street like you own it. You gotta act confident.

It's like what happened to me and my Burberry scarf. It was my 8th grade graduation, and my grandma bought me a Burberry scarf from New York (I dont know why, since I live in Arizona and it's hotter than hell, but I still accepted it, cuz, you know, it's Burberry!). Anyways, that following November I went to San Diego for Thanksgiving, visiting relatives, blah, blah, blah, and I went to this party with my cousin. I put my scarf down, and by the end of the night, it was stolen. And I freaked, because, one of the main reasons I wore it was to show my Grandma that I could put the gift to use.

So my cousin took me to this swap meet on the outskirts of town. And there, between the fruit stand and furniture booth, was designer duds galore. Purses, bags, shoes, sun glasses, hats, scarfs, all ranging from From Christian to Donna, Calvin to Ralph, it was all there. So I bought a knockoff Burberry scarf (and knockoff Dior sunglasses, cuz really, when else would I be able to get the chance?), wore it for my grandmother, who I swear, could not tell it was a fake. And it's because I wore it like it was Burberry. Even though I knew and my cousin knew (and now I guess you know, and whoever comments on your blog knows) it wasnt real, just by acting like it was real, made it that more real. Was that confusing?

My point is, be confident in what you wear...and it'll totally shine through. And as for the one's that dont pay? Double chocolate laxative brownies are always welcomed at office functions.

Elle said...

that was cute...thanks for the visit, and welcome to the blogshere...

Anonymous said...

Wow ... and yes ... and why does everyone make more money than I do???

I can't wait to read more ... you're becoming my voice of NYC reason!

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

you might not fit in when you're in the middle of it, but once you leave you'll realize how much you actually did fit.