Wednesday, February 02, 2011

You're The One That I Want

Pizza for lunch instead of coffee

A shoulder-rub after dance class

Structure work for both novels to be done

A movie marathon this Saturday in an apartment lit by Restoration Hardware fake candles

The heat to equalize

A clean desk, or just a desk with a working lamp

An extra thousand bucks a month without having to write for it

New books, new pens, new journals, five new playlists for the iPod that someone else curates

Another website to frequent during breaks that isn't gossip, news or music

A day without ice and wind

The guy with the neck tattoos at the coffeeshop who held both my hands as he gave me change and winked to be there every time I buy tea

A ride to Connecticut that isn't MTA Metro North

Pajamas, proper pajamas

The MFA program in San Francisco to give me more time to decide if I want to move there than March 4

A cheap plane ticket to LA, Barcelona, and France

More vegetables, and more Gatorade

To win my Superbowl pools, and to finally get around to making Superbowl plans

A fast and speedy recovery for anything

To keep dreaming, I like where this is going...


Anonymous said...

Long time reader here: I say just do it re the MFA. You've applied (or considered applying) almost every single admission cycle since I started reading your blog (in 2006, I think). ;)

Anonymous said...

Another long time reader here: I second what Nicole said. : )

Anonymous said...

OTOH, maybe your reluctance to do it means something. Who knows? ;)

K said...

Hi guys!
I know you are right. I know know know you are right. I have been talking about this for four years! Got accepted places two different years and balked. I'm not sure why. I think it's the debt thing. I don't want to go unless I can get almost a full ride. And both years the financial aid wasn't enough. But in the meantime I am going lo-residency to UCLA. And I am making some serious progress with both books. I promise.

Oh who am I kidding, I'm just terrible at making decisions :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think you are really smart, K. The debt really isn't worth it, and a lot of grad programs are really over-hyped. You've managed to write a book already without the benefit of being in an MFA program, so I think your reluctance to take on debt makes sense.