Friday, February 18, 2011

What The Psychic Said...

Today we had a half day at work, and instead of catching up on my homework, I went to a psychic. Here's what she said:

I will live a long and healthy life.

The last two years have been difficult and I am entering a pattern of change. (Indeed, the breakup.)

I am very creative, and I work in music. (WHAT! How'd she know this?)

Many men love me but I don't love any of them as I am unsettled. (Tee hee. Really?)

My friends are talking about me behind my back. (Yikes.)

I will be married once. I will have to decide between two new men soon. (What? New ones?)

I will do a lot of traveling soon. (Hooray!)

I will always have success in work, but I need to zero in on what I need and just do it when it comes to work. (The book?)

Though money will come, and money will go, I will always be financially sound. (Stealing?)

I need to focus on work and success to get it, and then I will, I need to do nothing about my love life or work at that, it's in the bag. (Wish this were the opposite way.)

I should definitely not move to California, there are too many opportunities here. (Say what?)

There you have it. Kind of interesting. How did she know this stuff!

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Anonymous said...

wild check back in with her in six months, i believe in this!