Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unbelievable and Truly Offensive Quote of the Day

Courtesy of my best friend from boarding school...her husband's name is Greg.

Warning: You will most likely be offended if you are a human being.

"One of Greg's coworkers has a mentally disabled 20 year old cousin. One day he called his mom at work and told her he had caught a troll. Statements like this were pretty typical, so she told him that she would check it out when she got home. He called again a few hours later still excited about the troll he had caught, and she again said he could show her when she came home. So, she came home and immediately he told her he had the troll in his closet. He took her to his room and there was a chair jammed under the closet handle. He opened up the closet and he had a midget Jehovah's witness in there. I could not stop laughing when Greg told me this. I think this is the funniest true story I have ever heard."

I know I can't laugh at this, but I can't stop.


Joseph said...

I don't want to be a part-pooper, but I've heard this story a couple of times.

The one I heard was about a guy at a house party in London who did a load of acid and kidnapped a midget who he thought was a troll.

C-47 said...

You are being a party pooper. Stoppit. This is why we cant have nice things.

Farrah said...

No way, I heard this story from a cabbie in Vegas - she said it was her coworkers son. I was in disbelief at the time and still am, especially now that you're telling this too...