Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Shower-- Your advice!

Dear readers, I am throwing yet another baby shower! And I sadly have to admit, this time, now that I've done it before and am organizing it in my city instead of Philadelphia, I'm doing a much better job. I'm on the phone with the baker, the tea staff, the party staff, I'm on top of invoices and meetings. It's going to be a good time for those who had nothing to do with organizing it!

This one is in Alice's Tea Cup in the Upper East Side. Everyone will be getting the Mad Hatter tea service with sandwiches, scones, and luscious baked goods. I have sent the invites, sent all the shower registry information, fielded questions and those who want to drop out, drop in, called guests to talk them out of bringing their own food.

It's close.

I've pre-paid for mint green and white latex balloons, handpainted royal-frosted monogrammed cookies and sashays of specialty teas for the guests, and a mint-green chocolate ganache cake (why are cakes the most expensive things ever!). I have also picked up a beautiful baby book for all the guests to sign, and have emailed them to check in with me to sign as soon as they arrive, and also to bring one crazy looking gift bow so that we may trashily deck out the baby book box while keeping everything else an elegant affair.

The mom-to-be will NOT wear a silly hat or play games. Any other suggestions on what I can do/bring/ask others to bring? Any ideas on something fun? Or lay back and just let it happen (remember here, I am now nearly broke after all this, even though I'm having lots of help paying for the space and the party itself, as I keep adding on extras).

And the sleaziest question yet...should I buy an additional gift? I do have the baby book which I bought, but everything else is a surprise or edible or really only is a gift to the party. The last shower I threw I brought an expensive gift that I spent a lot of time thinking about and hauled it to Philadelphia from Austin (where I bought it). But this time...I don't know if I can do that? Is there something with baby showers the same thing with weddings that I have a year to give it ;)


Anonymous said...

Whoa. Baby/bridal showers are often a drag, but I wanna go to this one. How do I score an invite???? My suggestion would be to get a gift (nothing outrageous) for after the baby's born. You got the baby book and planned the shower. Surprise mom/dad/baby with a gift after baby's arrival. Spread the gifts over time--they'll be much more memorable that way. By chance, do you plan weddings, too? ; )

Anonymous said...

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CM said...

First off, I hope you have a pink ruffle apron and pearls to wear to this event - K, I'm impressed!

Give one or two of your favorite childhood books (please, not another copy of Goodnight Moon!) and write an inscription to baby on the inside. I love having a variety of books to read to little B!

Julia said...

you are such a nice friend. a morsel of advice, dont drink the alcoholic drinks at that place—the Mar-tea-nis—they are so sweet its gross, everything else is totally cute. have fun!

Anonymous said...

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