Saturday, September 19, 2009

Almost Published

Well, at a fine literary magazine I am published, anyway.

Still working on that book, but in the meantime, check out the journal and let me know what you think!


Nicole said...

That is beautiful. I seem to remember reading excerpts on your blog?

This quote gives me chills: "Love is fickle and destructive before it’s everlasting, small talk is the only talk I know, and flowers are sent as contrition. Memories are null and void."

Wow. So good.

Maeko said...

... Floored, H. Floored.

Julia said...

goosebumps. loved it.

K said...

Thank you everyone!

Yes this started as a post on the blog...and now it's a published piece!

Just goes to show you that our silly little musings are actually worthwhile sometimes--though I do write many, many things that are not!