Monday, July 13, 2009

Follow the leader...

Dear Friends,

I have been neglecting you. Badly. It's because I'm writing for pay elsewhere. That's right, pimpin for cash. You knew I was a sellout when we met, don't act surprised!

The thing that stinks is, I'm hard-pressed to share it with you because this blog's been anon for years. I've been able to take refuge in you guys because it won't get back to the powers that be. Been able to artfully complain about people, give you anecdotes about friends, share my crushing heartbreak or falling in love, my crazy and loving family, or my d-bag ex-coworkers has been only because you've been there for me, and you've been there for me quietly.

Thank you. You rock.

But while it's not time for an all-around unveiling (I said it would be when the book got repped and I will stand by that!), I should send you to another place where I'm pretty much writing every day, albeit for music. Sssh, don't tell them that I live here, and more importantly, live here for you. Or they'll come after me and I'll never be able to tell you the skinny of what's going on in my life as well as I have.

Can you keep a secret? This is just between us. Cool?


Maeko said...

I miss you. I need you...

Psych! I'm totally happy for you.

K said...

Maeko thank you!

I'm still here! Will be beefing up my posts much more now that the work schedule is more secure. Plus there I can only talk music and here, I can be all sentimental and wistful until the cows come home.

Molly said...

Rest assured I will not be putting any creepystalk-effort into figuring out which writer you *are* on there - so thanks for the link. It looks an excellent website both in terms of writing style and song selection - perfect, as I've gotten totes lazy about seeking out new music through more challenging channels.