Friday, June 12, 2009

Items for the Weekend

Dinner with Emily at DGBG, Daniel Boulud's foray into downtown dining (I hear sixteen kinds of sausages and an ice cream sundae cart!)*

Look out the window and pray for sunshine

Anxiously await the edits from my first personal essay ever, slated to be published, in a brand-spanking new literary magazine (if it happens, you'll be the first to know)

Take a nap

Finish Stanford class and breathe a huge sigh of relief, then, slow-witted as I am, sign up for a new class to tackle the 2nd book (yes I'm still working on the first!)

Go to Torrington, Connecticut for a clambake reunion of high school friends

Drink a little too much wine somewhere and barefoot

Hunker down and get those music blogs in for that new job, edit an article on Hawaii for an old job, and be very thankful for working at all, even if freelance and part-time translates into weekend full-time

Gather new obsessions: mint green tea, Stephen King movies and a new motorcycle helmet

Don't look at my paltry bank statement, don't, don't, look

Clandestinely watch all the episodes of So You Think You Can Dance that the boy refuses to watch with me

Find the four inches of scarf I knitted in winter, my cell phone charger, time for the gym

Have a wonderful weekend!

*and very excited to see DB's takeover of the branding of famed Sid Vicious vomitorium CBGB's.

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K said...

Update: DBGB was delicious and bustling and it always helps going with a FOOD & WINE editor--we had three desserts!

It was very EU if EU hadn't gone under--the food was very hearty, high quality, sausages and burgers and 22 beers on tap (really nice) and lentils and sauerkraut and bing cherry sundaes...and a stomachache from ordering too much, and having to go home and rest at 9:30 on a Friday night all makes for a good eating experience.