Friday, September 26, 2008

Treasure Hunt: Your Favorite Restaurant

I have a lot of jobs. One is to tell my roommates when the cable bill is due. My dentist says another one is to floss. In the office I have to pitch ideas about tech, style and perishable gifts, or write copy about Hawaii, or jiggle the coffee machine to get it working, or fashion a meal out of skim milk and errant M&Ms.

Oh right, and I have listsicle jobs too, like writing up places for other places, and other such vagueries.

Also, I review restaurants, about one a week. And I need ideas, people! Now most of the traditionally *best* restaurants have already been reviewed or have people far more adept than I already assigned to them, but I'm not talking about those. Who cares about what's so trendy, so over the top, so anything? I want to know what's good.

What you dream about as your last meal.

Your favorite haunt, hangout, place to get a snack or pizza or burger or even a nice meal that you've loved forever or maybe just discovered recently?

East Village and LES outposts always welcome (as they are walking distance from my apartment), but moreover, if you have lived in NY , visited the boroughs or just remember something great that you ate here (anywhere here!) and can tell me where, please let me know! If the magazine that shall not be named hasn't covered it, or their review of it is outdated, I'll suggest it to my editor.

And if you're not in NY, I want to know where you're eating anyway! What's the greatest stuff around you? If a friend was visiting your city, where would you tell them to go?

Have a great weekend, and cook up some ideas for me, won't you?


C-47 said...

It's weird I want to tell you, but then I'm like... wait. Ive watched my city (raise your hand if you were born here) taken completely taken over by vampires (by that I mean a ton of people who move here, ruin neighborhoods, suck it of income, raise rent, give nothing back and then leave). So I'm hesitant. Im not sure I want to let people in on the joints in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Ill have to mull it over this weekend... Ill give you one, cause Im fairly confident no ones gonna come out there. Peaches on Lewis Ave. is some pretty bangin Q, and somewhere nearby is the best red velvet cake I have ever eaten.

debo said...

Isn't the great thing about NY supposed to be that dynamic fusion of cultures, histories, experiences, realities? I find it hard to believe that a demographic can inhabit a neighborhood and leave no legacy whatsoever. Evolution is the natural order of things, unless you're Sarah Palin, that is.

C-47 said...

...well yeah, but evolutionarily speaking I'd like to hunt and wipe out the weaker (Im looking at you willowy armed boys). Cant. Seems evolution has been replaced by Corpocracy as the natural order. Im just hoping for a big ole NYC colonic after this economy continues its collapse. I mean $4500 for a two bedroom, really???

C'est la guerre.

Anonymous said...

little giant, orchard (2 blocks?) below delancey. Amazing burger and parsnip fries. don't ask, just go. get it with cheddar.

B. Logger said...

L'ecole, the restaurant of the French Culinary Institute has great fixed-price menus. the chefs are students; the wait staff is professional. It's a favorite of my sister who lives in DC. we all go when were are in NYC. Somewhere on the south end of Broadway.

ATE said...

C-47: you're no better than what you claim you hate. this isn't YOUR city; it would be miserable if everyone had your "my city" attitude. it's a very narrow-minded approach to life. gentrification and globalization happen. it's part of life. it's part of the dues you pay to live here. that and your $2400 shoebox on the LES.