Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Shortlist

I've got to clean out my "bookmark" folder, the one that sits atop my browser with all the sites that I go to and check when I should be writing a masterpiece. I have to think it was easier to be a genius and an influencer in the 1800s when there were little internet distractions and more incidents of scabies to keep down the population of other writers.


This is what I've got on repeat in my browser, because I don't link to things on the side of my blog. If you have some great suggestions, please leave them here!

For discussion, trends and general theory, I'm of the mind that there are so many blogs and so little time. Because I am a dork with no musical talent but too many ipods, I like this one for hip hop culture discussion-y stuff because it's got a really charismatic host who talks about theory and 'kids today' and generally does a great and interesting job. Also it is Sasha Frere-Jones sanctioned, and I am a big nerd for the so-called Best Music Critic in New York. I mean, I just really want to be as well-versed in this stuff someday...

For general and new indie-type stuff, straight up reviews and recs or listings, I think I like the Deerhunter blog (soon to be replaced by the No Age blog for cute band-watching where you can hear the next big thing from the last big thing's mouth?) and adore Music for Robots. Of course the usual fare of Brooklyn Vegan, Pitchfork and the rest are always good for me too, but unless I have something specific I'm looking for, I try not to troll them too much. It gets overwhelming and I'll read about a show that happened three years ago and bemoan that I didn't see it. And that's for losers. And you know. I'm a winner. Damnit! A WINNER! (said while looking into the mirror holding a glass of scotch that I then smash, spider-webbing the entire thing really artfully).

I think it doesn't get better than Yatzer, and this is the blog that Kanye West's blog is always ripping off. So I say, go to the source.

Colette hands down has been my favorite for almost two years now. A year ago I bought a really cool pair of Nikes at the Paris store that were high-tops and bright blue and had a peacock design on them and then two months later they were in New York magazine. So I felt cool. And then when I saw what the price was in New York, I felt way stupider.

Also, Refinery29 does a nice job, with lots of updates and stuff all about New York. Hey, this is what being a girl means. We look at clothes the way boys look at boobs.

I've been cheating for over a year by posting stuff by these guys when I want to get a blog post out but don't want to write, because I just can't get enough of them. I think their earlier stuff was way better, but what are you gonna do. Now they are pretty popular and have gotten kind of over the top. Scroll down to New Web Design for the recent best, or search for my personal favorites like Lunch Meeting, Sunglasses and "Canada".

Any episode of this is pretty much guaranteed to make me laugh until I have tears in my eyes. Oh the Michael Cera one is pretty darn good.

Photography and Other Art
I'm way late to the party but Tim Barber of Tiny Vices Tiny Vices is my latest art-crush. Though honestly the site is pretty hard to navigate if you are looking at it for the first time.

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what was that blog that you posted with all the random pictures on it, like 8 months ago?