Monday, June 16, 2008


Today I am laying on a trampoline, looking at the cloud cover, waxing on life and drinking a Corona, talking of horseback riding, scuba diving, the ruins we will try not to, the bus ride without chickens, the dinner with, the sparkling blue of the lit pool, thatched roofs, double beds, triple hammocks, the way she fixed my camera in one swift motion and when I dropped it immediately after, the night, the crickets and everything after.

This is day one of forty five and it is navy and it is magic.

Mondays are good when they are not Mondays at all. I chased a toad and he jumped down a hole, a bug jumped me but I chased into a cabana, and tomorrow, I don´t know what will come, just that it will be.


Anonymous said...

there better be more where this came from!

KGT said...

appreciated your use of "waxing." ;)

I continue to enjoy your blog.

becoming a writer said...

beautiful post: description spilling over brevity.

Buffy said...

You know this is magic. Right?