Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quote of the Day

File this under WTF...

The scene: an open house to greet potential roommates. A boy sits, a half mullet cresting, his Kanye West sunglasses atop his head, his oh-so-distressed T-shirt with the oh-so-accidental holes. He asks the following, in front of 15 other potential people vying for the apartment.

Boy: "What's the policy on smoking pot?"

Girl: "Oh, um, ha. Yes, well, if you're going to do that we'd like you to do it outside since we don't really smoke in this house."

Other Girl: "Yeah our drug of choice in this apartment is pretty much red wine!"

15 people laugh nervously.

Girl: "We're pretty fine with things for the most part, but if you want to do 10 lines of cocaine a day, maybe this isn't the place for you..."

Boy, extremely pissed off and twitchy: "Well, SCREW THIS!"

Boy LEAPS over couch, nearly knocking over a bystander. Runs upstairs. Nearly runs down three new girls coming into the apartment to look. They stare at him. He stares at them before saying.




Anonymous said...


C-47 said...

So I assume you chased him down the hall and begged him to move in. All gasp breathed reconsidering your earlier coke ban. Cause, honey, that one is a roommate keeper.

Anonymous said...

Hey--where are you now?

Debo said...

I'd rather hang out with that guy than the red wine sipping non-smoker.

Anonymous said...

I thought Bill Clinton was in Paris for some wedding.

K said...

@ debo: Yes, well after he left our apartment I followed him and we are now dating.

Because mom would be proud...

@ anon--I am in NY but only for another 2 weeks!