Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Updates! Updates!

There were:

Sunburns, six hour meals, rooftop bars, a town for the dead.

Fights over the map, too much neon bought, foie gras creme brulee, the best and most involved pickup line we'd ever heard.

A drink described as "heaven", broken Spanish, steak and Tango.

Three pieces of incredible art between us, chasing lemurs at the wildlife preserve, my driving a golf cart on the highway.

A whole lot of "Hoooola chica!", a marmalade farm, a paddleboat which I drove very slowly into a group of ducks (no one was harmed).

Revelations, sneaker boots, dragging feet, rolling eyes, laughing hysterically.

Stray cats taking over certain streets, a levitation picture in which I would wear a mustache (thwarted).

Inside jokes, meeting up with three different groups of American friends, sashimi hats, five disposable cameras (mostly of pictures of us looking like idiots and pointing to empanadas).

Shopping, dropping, monuments, the rose park, a hundred coffees a day.

The book I read and the book I meant to read.

A grand total of 20 hours of sleep in 7 days.

Introspection, internet and cell phone withdrawal, the thought that I might go back to Australia this summer, alone this time, and just figure out a thing or two...

Stories to come! Sleep for now...


Anonymous said...

Excited for more updates.

Anonymous said...

Tell us!